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The Allround Environment Project (AEP) is a Clydesdale based organisation that enables the Kirkmuirhill and Blackwood communities to undertake environmental initiatives specific to their area. 'Pathside' is one such initiative which involved the development of a 21 kilometre footpath network around the unique landscape that surrounds both of these communities. The paths network was established by the AEP to help the wider community understand, improve and use the surrounding countryside for leisure, educational, social and health benefits.

Scott was initially commissioned by the AEP to produce high quality images of the paths network, the surrounding landscape and its associated flora and fauna. A subsequent assignment involved Scott designing, authoring and illustrating a guidebook which detailed the path routes and the relevant social, industrial and natural history of the area.

The images below are examples of some of the photographs used in that publication, in addition to some of the graphic images and maps created by Scott.